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Innovation to Grow offers training courses for entrepreneurs and companies, Design Thinking and Creativity courses, in Spanish and English. Boost Innovation and Creativity.

  • Innovation

    INNOVATION has two meanings:
    1.- The action or process of innovating.
    2.- A new method, idea, product, etc.
    So, you have to invent something and introduce it into the market. How can we do it?
    Design Thinking and Creativity are the keys to INNOVATE.
    Mixing Design Thinking and Creativity we should innovate and be more competitive, to get success.

  • Creativity

    CREATIVITY is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.
    It allows us to give original solutions to complex problems.
    We are all creative, just need to use the right tools to awaken our creativity.
    Creativity techniques are diverse, allowing us to reach the Design Thinking.
    Creativity apply to Innovation and Design Thinking will allow us to creatively solve problems, develop new products, improve existing products, create effective advertising campaigns, and more.
    Design Thinking is the key to being innovative being creative.

  • Design Thinking

    DESIGN THINKING Methodology seeks to develop people-centered innovation. As its name indicates, it focuses on the design process allowing:
    -Encourage empathy with the user. It is basic to detect what the user knows, what problems he has, what situations he lives in. Understanding the users is necessary to find out what our product or our business needs.
    -Increase Creativity.
    -Generate ideas to design a solution or product.
    -Build prototypes of the right ideas.
    -Learn from user reactions as it focuses on the needs of the customer or the end user.

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    Design Thinking Methodology

    Design Thinking materializes itself as a methodology of problem solving contrasted and systematic, that any professional or company can employ to obtain extraordinary results in the following challenges:
    - Development of a new product and/or service.
    - Establishment of new business models.
    - Improvement of its structure.
    - Improving your innovative culture.
    - Encourage the generation of internal ideas and external capture of ideas, open innovation.

    Design Thinking Courses

    We offer our Design Thinking courses, in SPANISH and ENGLISH, all over the world. We are at your service.
    We offer a complete training package in Design Thinking and Creativity qThat allows you to introduce in your business the tools and skills necessary to generate innovation and achieve the success that always distinguishes innovative companies.
    Our Design Thinking courses will be an improvement for your business.
    We offer our Design Thinking courses in a worldwide service, in English and Spanish.
    Our clients include Multinationals and Universities.
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